Pattern number 472.

The pattern number indicates that it is one of the last chintz patterns to be produced in the 50's. Originally registered in Canada, it is a quite rare and very sort after worldwide.


Pattern number 324.

A post war pattern named after the daughter of a major Canadian importer, Rudolf van der Walde of Montreal.

Old Cottage

Pattern number 9632.

Introduced in the very ealry 30's and was produced in great quantities until the 60's.


Pattern number 3079.

Introduced at the 1936 British Industries Fair. The pattern is very popular with chintz collectors around the world.


Pattern number 493.

Registered in Canada in 1953. One of the last of the Royal Winton chintz patterns and is very popular in the USA.


Pattern number 2204.

Introduced in 1934. The pattern was muchly copied by the Japanese.

Blue Welbeck


Pattern Number 109

Appeared in 1939 and continued well into the 1950's. Overall this is the favourite pattern for chintz collectors around the world.


Pattern Number 4249

Origionally registered in Canada in 1938.


Pattern Number 3311

This pattern with black in the background was introduced in 1936 after Royalty, the alternate colourway in yellow. This pattern has become more popular in the last few years.

Blue Cottage


Pattern Number 775 (Gold Trim)

Pattern Number 1612 (Green Trim)

This pattern was introduced in 1932, the most popular and widely produced winton pattern until production ceased in the 1960's.

Royal Winton

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